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Name: Deana Hebert
Hometown: Baytown, TX

High School: Robert E. Lee 1990

College: Lee College
Bianca Lozano, AKA Nina Suarez is my daughter. She was born in Baytown, Texas on August 19, 1993 at Baycoast Hospital. Tragically, Friday April 7, 1995, was the last time I saw her. Her father Juan Antonio Lozano Suarez AKA Genaro Suarez or Gino, picked her up for a weekend visit, never to be SEEN OR HEARD from again.

Bianca has lots of family in Texas that miss her very much. She has a brother that she has never met. She will always have a place in our lives, hearts, and homes. We miss you and love you and want you to come home!

I have spent much of the last 19 years searching for my daughter. Her father and I were in the midst of a volatile divorce. Temporaray custody had been established in September of 1994 in a Harris County Family Court. We were married less than a year.

When Juan disappeared (this was not disputed by his family) with Bianca there was an upcoming trial for an assault charge against him and also the final divorce trial was also approaching with the next few weeks.

Baycoast Hospital

Bianca was born in the old Baycoast Hospital on Garth Road in Baytown, Texas. As you can see from the picture, it is no longer in use as a hospital. A few years after her birth it had changed names, now it's an Urgent Care Center. In the picture, there are boards over the windows on the left end of the building, that's the wing where all the babies were born.

I assure you she was born in Baytown at this hospital, not in Monterrey, Mexico like her fake birth certificate states.


Last Seen:

Bianca or Nina was last seen by her friends at the Yamaha school of music in Monterrey, Neuvo Leon, Mexico in December 2013.

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