These documents have been obtained over the years since Bianca's disappearance. In 1995 a civil lawsuit was filed by Deana against Lozano family members. The trial began in 1996. A judgement against the family was awarded to Bianca's mom for $2.2 million. The defendants filed bankruptcy, when the Plantiff testified in their bankruptcy hearing, it (bankruptcy filing) was thrown out by a bankruptcy judge. The defendants appealed the jury decision of the lawsuit to the 14th Court of Appeals, after a decistion was made, Deana appealed to Texas Supreme Court. On the links provided you can read the judges opinions.

The judgement was returned to 14th Court of Appeals where essentially it was decided to have a "re-trial". So Deana and her family made the difficult decision not to go forth with another trial. It was intensely emotional for everone involved. The object of the lawsuit was NEVER about MONEY, but about leaverage to get Bianca back.


Last Seen:

Bianca or Nina was last seen by her friends at the Yamaha school of music in Monterrey, Neuvo Leon, Mexico in December 2013.

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