Fraudulent Birth Cert from Mexico

Bianca's Fraudulent Birth Cert from MX

Unbelievable story about this document. It was obtained by Juan's parents Juan Antonio Lozano Cano and his wife (Juan Jr's mom) Blanca Alicia (Suarez-maiden name) Lozano. Bianca was ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD! Yes, Blanca's brother Servando passed away in Mexico, so they went to the funeral. Bianca was so small, we did not go. When they came back, his dad laughed and and flashed the document in my face saying... "look it says that Bianca was born in Monterrey the same time she was born here". Then he put it away. He wouldn't let me see it again. I was in such shock, I didn't even remember that incident until a few years ago when my friend Paula found the document on a website. That shows you how calculated this ABDUCTION was!


Last Seen:

Bianca or Nina was last seen by her friends at the Yamaha school of music in Monterrey, Neuvo Leon, Mexico in December 2013.

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