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The lawsuit was a last stitch effort. I felt as though I had been backed into a corner. When Bianca did not come home on Sunday April 7, 1995 I called the Lozano's (Juan's parents) house a few times that night asking if Bianca and Juan had ever returned or called or taken any belongings. BY THE NEXT DAY, Monday, their phone number had been changed and was unlisted (before caller ID), so I was unable to inquire about my daughter. So my daughter was taken away from me, last I knew, she was with her dad, who lived with his parents after we separated, I had no way of speaking with the only people known to have seen them alive. I was desperate for answers.


The lawsuit WOULD HAVE BEEN DROPPED IF THEY HAD PRODUCED BIANCA. The lawsuit was NEVER INTENDED TO TAKE THEIR MONEY. My attorney offered numerous times to drop the suit if we could just know if Bianca was ok and where she was. What else was I supposed to do? What would you do? I did it because I loved my daughter and feared for her safety.


Deana Ann LOZANO, Petitioner,
Juan Antonio LOZANO, Sr., Blanca Suarez Lozano, Monica I. Lozano, Sandra Warner, Eduardo A. Lozano, Respondents.

No. 99-0121.

Supreme Court of Texas.

Argued April 5, 2000.
Decided March 8, 2001.


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Juan Antonio LOZANO, Sr., et al., Appellants,
Deana Ann LOZANO, Appellee.

No. 14-96-01555-CV.

Court of Appeals of Texas, Houston (14th Dist.).

November 19, 1998.
Rehearing Overruled December 23, 1998.
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Last Seen:

Bianca or Nina was last seen by her friends at the Yamaha school of music in Monterrey, Neuvo Leon, Mexico in December 2013.

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